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Patrícia Rehder Galvão, better known as Pagu, (1910-1962) was a Brazilian writer, poet, theater director, translator, designer, and journalist. Her work is part of the Brazilian Modernist Movement and includes her novel Industrial Park, which is considered the first Brazilian proletarian novel. Pagu was also a militant communist and the first woman in Brazil to be arrested for political motives.

Basically Pagu was brilliant, a badass, and a knockout babe.

(thank you follower a-guerra-acabou for letting us know about this amazing lady)



Accurate depiction of Enjolras “helping” Marius plan his wedding to Cosette. “And I think we’ll put the flowers over ther——” “i don’t give a shit Pontmercy just make them red”

#the bride should be dressed in all black and then when she reaches the end of the aisle she should rip off her cloak to reveal a red dress #THIS SYMBOLISES CASTING OFF THE DARKNESS OF THE MONARCHIAL PAST TO REVEAL A BRIGHT AND GLORIOUS FUTURE WITH YOU!!!! #enjolras i think she’s just gonna wear the white #YOIUR SUBSCRIPTION TO ARCHAIC IDEALS ABOUT COLOUR SYMBOLISM AND PURITY IS UNIMPRESSIVE AND TYRANNICAL PONTMERCY

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